Celeb Edition with Pako Kevin Tetlanyo

35-year-old Pako Kevin Tetlanyo Lesejane has established himself as one of the country’s best photographers.

From behind the lens, the bespectacled Mochudi native has the uncanny ability to breathe life into even the most mundane of settings.

For the first time ever, Lesejane, who is also known for his love of adventure and travel writing, will showcase his work in a two-week solo exhibit scheduled to start on the 2nd of July at Thapong Visual Arts Centre.

Q. Apart from your camera, what essential tools do you take with you on your travels?

The first thing I make sure I have is my survival kit, which is the most crucial thing for any expedition.

It contains my First Aid Kit, fire lighter or waterproof matches, a multi-tool mostly Leatherman brand or Swiss Army Knife, a torch and a rope.

These are the things I must carry in case things don’t go as planned!


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