Celeb edition with Letty Knowles

This week Celeb Edition gets up close and personal with colourful make-up artist Letty Knowles. The glamorous Mochudi-born youngster is well known for his daring fashion sense, as well as his party-loving lifestyle and posting semi-nude pictures of himself on social media. Your big break came when you impressed on TV talent show, My Star. Tell us about your journey. To tell the truth that was just a crazy and fun stunt, planned by my dramatic self and a friend. 

Q. Have you always been singing?

A. I am not really a singer, I am what you can call a performer! Even in the shower, I put up on a show and my soul tells me even Beyonce can’t beat that!

As a local socialite, take us through a typical weekend.

I truly like my ‘me’ time; chilling at home, thinking, planning, budgeting, eating, cleaning, you name it.

I am that friend that when I receive an, ‘Are you going out tonight text’, my response is, ‘Okay fine, yaaaaaza you convinced me’.

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