Celeb Edition with Chabo Butale

28-year-old Chabo Butale is better known in the showbizz world as DJ Chabo.

The Makaleng village native is a popular house DJ and also works as a model.

Q. Do you consider yourself a creative person? What other creative avenues have you explored?

Yes I do consider my self creative.

I have produced songs and now I have started exploring being an Event Promoter.

Q. Why did you decide to take this path? What was your inspiration?

I loved music and still do.

I saw that deejaying was an untapped market back then and I ventured into it.

Q. Which creative individuals do you admire and why?

I admire the likes of DJ Gouviea and DJ Latimmy because they are very creative.

They always give their craft the best, musically and performance wise.

Q. Who would you like to spend a day with? Why?

I would choose Black Coffee because to mesh, he is the best DJ right now.

I would love to get a lot of inspiration and skills from him and his team.


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