I spent some of my morning looking at these “Koi Fish aka Brocaded Carp” which are said to have originated from Persia and developed by the Japanese 200years ago.

Whilst marveling at these beautiful creatures waltzing their way in water, I couldn’t help but imagine how orderly the principles of nature are. If you take one of these Koi out of the water for a long time it will die. Inversely, If you put me under the water for a long time I will die. Order. Principle. Nature.

Therefore, it is by principle and order that you WILL die if you stay in an unfavorable or foreign environment to your life mission. People DIE because they stay in Entrepreneurship for too long when they where purposed to lead corporate lives. People DIE when they stay in broken relationships for too long. You will DIE if you stay too long at a job you do not like.

Do not stay too long in a place that is foreign to your destiny and purpose. Don’t stay too long.



By Sibusiso Kgosikhumo | Author | Enterpreneur

Source: FB - Sibusiso Kgosikhumo