Welcome to  BW JOBS 4 GRADUATES (Botswana Jobs for Graduates)

BW Jobs 4 Graduates (BWJ4G) is an organization registered under the Ministry of Labor and Home Affairs (Section 6(1) of the Societies Act, and affiliated by the Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC). The organization was formed in February 2012 to act as a remedy for addressing the escalating unemployment issues among youth in general. The organization also enhances the spirit of positive participation amongst the entire nation towards helping those in search of employment by availing direction for vacancies available in areas that are out of their reach. Started as a social media concept through Facebook, the society has grown tremendously as it has managed to acquire its registration certificate (CR 10249) on 19 October 2012. To date, the organization has more than 200,000 fans on its Facebook page. To add on to the organizations mileage, it has an established website (http://www.bwjobs4graduates.com), with a large number traffic hits daily from users across the country and neighboring countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia. BW Jobs 4 Graduates is mostly utilized by youth all over the country aged between 18-35 years, 52% of the youth being women and 48% men respectively.

2. Aims and objectives of the organisation

Youth unemployment is now a global problem, this serious problem needs radical government intervention as well as intervention by other stakeholders such as cooperating partners, NGOs and business entities. The alarming rate of unemployment and failure to posses’ necessary skills for job hunting, identifying job posts in various mediums and those in remote areas where they don’t have access to employment sources, therefore missing out on opportunities. Majority of vacancies in Botswana are advertised on newspapers, as a result, most graduates cannot afford to buy newspapers since majority are unemployed and not financially stable. These are serious problems which need attention and negatively affecting the youth. This on its own created a gap in Address Botswana Jobs 4 Graduates P O Box 601771 Plot 13304 Gaborone West, Phase 1 Botswana Contacts www.bwjobs4graduates.com /bwJobs4Graduates /bwjobs4grads bwjobs4grads@gmail.com contact@bwjobs4graduates.com such a way that the communication and addressing the matter was not taken into consideration by youth. As a result of all these youth employment issues, BW JOBS 4 GRADUATES reduces the scars of unemployment. The initiative on its own is to also address the reduction in social costs of vices such as drug abuse, prostitution, and armed robbery, drinking sprees and debauchery, early marriages, teenage pregnancies, among others. This calls for urgent programmatic attention directed at averting any future eventualities that may push the country below its current level of stability.

2.1. Main Objective

To contribute to the creation and availability of employment for the youth both as means of self-employment and job creation for others.

2.2. Specific Objectives

  • Encourage and strengthen networks and cooperation between youth, employers and stakeholders in the delivery of youth employment creation services
  • Increase knowledge and skills of young people on employment possibilities/entrepreneurship and shore up the youth in entering the labour market, by means of work training workshops/seminars, career fairs and capacity building for youth.
  • To facilitate youth in sustaining jobs once employed.


Mr Christopher Seagateng


Public Relations Officer

Email: bwjobs4grads@gmail.com / cseagateng@gmail.com

Website: www.bwjobs4graduates.com

Tel: (+267) 72427551

P.O Box 601771, Gaborone West, Gaborone, Botswana, Africa


Mr. Opelo July


Operations Coordinator Email: bwjobs4grads@gmail.com / opelojuly@gmail.com

Website: www.bwjobs4graduates.com

Tel: (+267) 76932691 P.O Box 601771, Gaborone West, Gaborone, Botswana, Africa


Ms. Fikizolo Mothakaja


Legal Advisor Email: bwjobs4grads@gmail.com / fmothakaja@gmail.com

Website: www.bwjobs4graduates.com

Tel: (+267) 71584164 P.O Box 601771, Gaborone West, Gaborone, Botswana, Africa