Technology Affiliates Group

Technology Affiliates Group (TAG), is an ICT Services firm based in Gaborone that was established in 2014. 

TAG is a 100% youth citizen owned business that has been in service to a wide range of clients in Gaborone and around the country as well. We add value to our client base by supporting business processes with ICT solutions which are central components for communications and collaboration between user departments in an organization. We capitalize on the need for improved quality service and efficiency by implementing the latest ICT solutions that support the smooth running of mission critical processes in the office. There by, providing a competitive advantage to our clients with innovative solutions.  

Products and Services: 

Our services range is uniquely tailored to provide single contact and customer relation that is result oriented and quality oriented. Client involvement is of paramount importance to us as we aspire to meet our clients every need. Among our services range include;

1. Business ICT Policy & Continuity Plan

We design policies and plans that will ensure that your organization can continue to operate in case of serious incidents or disasaters. We will make sure that your business recovers to an operational state within a reasonable time period without any data loss or compromise.

2. Computer Maintainance & Support

We service hardware and software upgrades, computer troubleshooting and maintenance, part replacements, virus detection and cleaning, network administration and maintenance.

3. Hardware & Software Supply

We provide high end branded computer hardware such as HP, DELL,Huwaei, ABM, CISCO etc. TAG offers the best and authentic product ranges that the market has to offer with guarantee provisions.

4. Green Computing

This is concerned with the environmental impact of industrial processes and innovative technologies caused by the earth's growing population. In that regard, we help organization implement environmental friendly protocols with specific hardware and software, unique technology infrastructure and new improved processes.




Town or City: 


+267 39 81932
+267 39 81901
Postal Address: 
P O Box 794 AAH Gaborone
Physical Address: 
Plot 54368 Western Commercial Road CBD