Symphony Health

Symphony Health is an open/private medical aid scheme registered in April 2013 as a Trust and started operating in May 2013. The Scheme is administered by Symphonic (Pty) Ltd. The Scheme currently has offices in Plot 64516, Fairgrounds, Gaborone, Botswana.

The Scheme is a new generation medical aid and is the only one of its kind in Botswana. A new generation medical aid scheme is one that offers a Risk Pool from which “uncontrollable” cost (e.g. hospitalization) will be paid and “Medical Savings Account” from which “controllable” or day-to-day expenses (e.g. GP visits and medicines) will be paid for.

On a monthly basis, 75% of a member’s (and their dependants) premium goes towards the Risk Pool and 25% goes towards the Medical Savings Account.

Products and Services: 

Symphony Health offers five (5 comprehensive Health Plans/Benefit Options) from which a potential member can choose from, depending on their health requirements.
These are:

  • Sym-Core                 (Traditional Plan)
  • Sym-Core Save        (Hospital/Savings Plan)
  • Sym-Classique         (Hospital/Savings & Additional Risk Benefit Plan)
  • Sym-Classique Plus (Hospital/Savings & Additional Risk Benefit Plan)
  • Sym-Exec                 (Hospital/Savings & Additional Risk Benefit Plan)
Town or City: 


+267 399 4450/1
+267 391 5725
Postal Address: 
P O Box 525 AAD, Poso House, Gaborone, Botswana
Physical Address: 
First Floor, GABZ FM Building, Plot 64516, Showgrounds Close, Fairgrounds