Skymartbw (Pty) Ltd

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We are a fantastic e-commerce on-line retail mall aimed specifically for the Southern African Market. We aim to deliver a fresh unique way of shopping to our users, with the purpose of providing safe and secure shopping experience in the comfort of your homes, in the office and on the go at their convenience and time.

Our Vision is to build the Largest Company
that provides the Southern African Community with a Fast, Convenient and Safe Shopping Experience Online.

Our Mission is to provide customers with a
large catalog of the latest products geared towards satisfying their needs by emphasizing a quick and easy to use interface while providing easy payment solutions and efficient delivery mechanisms.

Products and Services: 

Our primary service is that we provide customers access to our online e-Commerce marketplace where they can buy goods online and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Other Services
1. Shop ship with Skymartbw
We also go a step further in providing previously unavailable or difficult to obtain products for our customers via our Shop-Ship with Skymartbw service. For example, customers can make orders on popular websites such as Amazon, and Ebay and we take care of all the logistical needs.

2. Sky Sellers
An exciting initiative by Skymartbw the introduction of Sky Vendors Program, in which other companies can sell their products online on our website, tapping into a local favorite brand with over 200,000 visits annually.

3.Sky Pay
SkyPay, a new business unit for Skymartbw, is an exciting initiative that aids customers make payments online globally, as well as receive payments from abroad. Still in its early stages, we have received very good reception from the public.

Town or City: 


Postal Address: 
P O Box 600269
Physical Address: 
Plot 22120, Nyamambisi Road, G-West Phase 4 Industrial