Palaeo Time Consulting

  • On -Site Workers Inductions
  • Consultations & Updates given to Key/Critical Stakeholders. Site Inspections

The Company undertakes Environmanetal and Archaeological Impact Assesments for various construction developments ranging from filling stations, schools, dams, roads, mining, etc. We further provide services for Strategic Impact Assessment, Socio Economic Assessments, Environmental and Archeological Management Plans, Environmental Monitoring, Mining License Applications, Safety Health and Environment (SHE) and Archeological Inductions, Exhumations etc

Products and Services: 

1. Environmental Impact Assessments

2. Archaeological Impact Assessments

3. Environmental & Archaeological Management Plans ( EMP & AMP)

4. Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Inductions

5. Archaeological Inductions

6. Environmental & Archaeological Monitoring

7. Mining Permit Applications for : Riversand, Burrow Pits & Quarries

8. Environmental Supervisions

9. Development -led burial Exhumations

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+267 5749490
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