Glowflox Entreprises


A wise man once said doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results is insanity. Well we at Glowflox have discovered that for years on end the approach to advertising and marketing in Botswana has been the same ineffective approach and yet we all expect to retrieve different results from this same approach. This is why we at Glowflox made it our mission to revolutionalise marketing and bring to the table a whole new approach to advertising.

Our strategic intent is to build a reputable track amongst our clients in par-ticular the area of corporate branding. Glowflox Entreprises (PTY) Ltd uses all forms of media and communications tools to provide appropriate, effective and sound communications techniques to ultimately provide effective design and communication solutions.

Based on this approach, we offer a tight integrated service consisting of identity design, brand management, print communications, relevant promotional items, multi-media and web architecture supported through the use of innovative cutting edge visual technology to take your company to new heights.


Glowflox Enterprises (PTY) Ltd is a young dynamic company founded, managed and owned by a young entreprenuer known as Bone Chiba. The latter is a graduate and holds a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design obtained from the Curtin University of Australia through affiliation with Limkokwing University. Proficient IT-wizard and programmer, Frederick T. Magadi is devoted in changing businesses premises in BSC (Honours) COmputer Systems Engineering and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Glowflox is strongly marketable with prominent marketing executive for Glowflox. Fatma El-Kindy who holds a BA (HON) in Interior Architecture and visual communication hence she is responsible for marketing and promoting products and services.


The backbone of the business: the company has staff conpliment of 3 exceptional individuals, all experts in their respective designations. With crowned professionals, Glowflox Entreprises (PTY) Ltd specializes in fusing elements of design, technology and knowing the latest trends. One of our key driving forces is to create, enhance, and maintain a unified brand experience. The driving force of the management team works hard to Glowflox key competencies.



To become Botswana's leading Corporate Gifts, Clothing and Headwear company.


To offer innovative ideas, gifts, and apparel to clients across the African continent through a commitment to quality and relationships.

Products and Services: 


Glowflox Entreprises is 100% citizen owned company operating in Gaborone, which offers a diverse variety of mass communication services. Over and above our core business we also aim to provide key services to our clients through sustained monitoring of communications carried out by both our clients and ourselves. For your special events, marketing plans and communication strategies to launch your new products or services, we have searched for you the most distnctive gifts. Each new month bringing it's own novelties.

Business Activities:

  • Corporate branding
  • Corporate printing 
  • Corporate gifts 
  • Corporate clothing
  • Corporate headwear
  • Corporate hampers

Other Services:

  • Advertising and media planning
  • Digital & Large Format priniting
  • Graphic design & Corporate identity
  • Web design & Interactive


Town or City: 


Postal Address: 
P. O. Box 46697, Gaborone
Physical Address: 
Plot 57490, Block 10, Gaborone