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We are a mobile cleaning services provider that specializes in car cleaning and car care, cleaning lounge suites, couches, sofas, carpets, rugs, mattresses, and all upholstery. We also clean rooms, offices, warehouses, and we do laundry. We have a prominent car wash in front of FNBB in CBD, Gaborone that boasts of a staff of over seven years of extensive experience in manual car wash techniques. We have been able to maintain the desired fame and provided satisfactory service to some of the staff of FNBB headquarters, BURS, Ministry of trade, Ministry of youth, and High Court. We are regarded as being the best car wash service provider in the proximity due to the excellent equipment we use and the quality service provided by us. Our current staff has many years of experience and they have no record of mishandling the customer’s items or any form of unprofessional conduct.

Products and Services: 
  • Car cleaning, car care, auto detailing, valet, seat shampooing, paint restoration.
  • Cleaning lounge suites, couches, sofas, and all upholstery.
  • Leather reconditioning
  • Carpets, rugs. 
  • Mattresses, and others.  
  • Cleaning rooms, offices, warehouses, and we do laundry.
  • Provision of parttime and fulltime cleaners.
  • Afterparty cleaning.
  • After construction, renovation cleaning.


What we bring:

The main objective of our company is to establish a professional yet affordable mobile cleaning setup in the country. Among other values, our vision is guided by the following sentiments:

  • Professionalism. Provision of service by experienced cleaners and auto attendants of a high level of ethical conduct;
  • Customer care;
  • Accessibility. We offer mobile cleaning services. You call, we come.
  • Courtesy car. Our business courtesy car is there for assisting our customers with different transport needs while we are attending their cars;
  • Emphasis on quality of cleaning equipment and products. At Fastshine, we are dedicated to providing affordable service with the use of the best equipment and products in the market;
  • Information and transparency. Our vast social media presence helps to display our cleaning procedures and methods alongside providing educational content;
  • Use of clean water and environmental safety awareness;
  • We offer partnership/contract cleaning;
  • Affordability. One of our mission is to provide professional cleaning services at affordable prices. Our target consumers are individuals and small businesses;
  • Timeliness;
  • Experienced staff;
  • Great turn-around time;
  • Flexibility. One-time cleaning, bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly cleaning arrangements;
  • Accessibility. We are available for contact through all available communication media like snail mail, email, telephone, whatsapp, social media, Youtube, website, etc.
  • Security. Provision of a safe and secure working environment for both the person and client property.


Why you should hire professional car cleaning services:

One of the important direction and visions at Fastshine is to offer top-notch car cleaning and car care service in the country. Today many companies and business entities normally leave the car cleaning responsibilities to their drivers. In fact, some entities list car cleaning among the duties and job description of the prospective driver. For others, cleaning (including even office cleaning) is an added incentive granted to their drivers or some of their staff. However, although some of the above arrangements may look like means of empowering one’s staff, what is clearly overlooked here is that drivers are not experts or professionals in car cleaning and car care industry. How they clean cars follows the domestic methods which do not guarantee the longevity of the company motor vehicles. Still, due to their busy schedule, their cleaning is normally shoddy, quick, and inefficient. Sometimes they don’t clean the car for some time due to a heavy schedule. At Fastshine, we want the drivers to do their jobs and the car cleaning tasks to be left to the experts.

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+267 75345182
Postal Address: 
P O Box 50001, Gaborone
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