Who We Are:

Bua is a Setswana word that means speak/talk. www.bua.space is an online space which allows consumers in Botswana to report on their customer service experiences with suppliers, based on the principle of Botho, which is a social contract by which Batswana live. Botho is based on having mutual respect for each other and earning respect by first giving it.

Recent studies reveal that if a problem is service related, a customer is 4 times more likely to purchase their product/service elsewhere. 40% of dissatisfied customers will begin purchasing from a competitor solely based on their reputation for great customer service. Out of these consumers that switched service providers, 82% felt that their original service provider could have done something to prevent them from switching. 

Consumer expectations in Botswana are on the rise and www.bua.space affords organisations direct contact to consumers on a platform that is unlike any other in Botswana.


To become Botswana’s preferred online customer service platform.


To deliver an exceptional online platform that allows suppliers to render superior customer service and consumers to have an enriching customer service experience based on the principle of Botho.






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What we do:

At www.bua.space we aim to assist companies to improve their customer service levels by connecting them directly to their customers, giving them the platform to professionally and timeously respond to their customers. Consumers wishing to report on unsatisfactory customer service should report based on the principle of constructive criticism. Therefore, hateful reports that are not related to customer service issues and which do not conform to the principle of Botho will be removed.


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P. O. Box 1959, ABG Sebele Centre
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Block 10, Gaborone