Core Mandate

Core to BoFiNet’s mandate is to provide and operate a world class telecommunications backbone network infrastructure which will drive connectivity and economic growth.


World class Information Communications Technology organisation for a globally connected Botswana.

Our Mission

We provide high quality affordable and accessible wholesale broadband connectivity for both national and international customers.

Our Values

Customer Centric: We commit to putting the customer first in everything we do

Agility: We move quickly in responding to our customers needs and market opportunities 

Integrity: We demonstrate honesty and transparency in all our business dealings.

Innovative: We provide cutting edge products and solutions

Leadership: We promote leadership at all levels of the organisation through shared responsibility and collective ownership

High Performance: We continuously strive deliver results, meet set targets and adhere to our values

Products and Services: 

Wi-Fi Products

The Wi-Fi Infrastructure Lease 

  • The Wi-Fi option targets service providers who already have built infrastructure and a billing system that allows the providers to develop their own products innovatively and provide Wi-Fi service via the BoFiNet infrastructure on lease. BoFiNet bills this wholesale service based on the traffic that has been generated and passed through the infrastructure.  This option also provide for data offloading which is a system that it typically required by cell phone operators to off load their data  traffic on hotspots to improve other service quality such as voice.

Botswana Hotspots – Wi-Fi

  • The deployment of Wi-Fi has seen the launch of service options. This is the reseller of voucher option and infrastructure lease.

The Wi-Fi Voucher

  • The service comprise of predetermined data packages which are availed to Internet Service (ISP) providers to re-sell to consumers. The product has been designed to address service providers who may not have their own billing platform to develop own products.  This is a white labelled product carrying the WiFi SSID ‘ Botswana Hotspots’ which provide the re- sellers the opportunity to brand the Wi-Fi vouchers as they need to. The vouchers sold at wholesale have been priced to allow service providers considerable margins whilst still selling the service at the most affordable data prices in the market. Consumers are  able to access Botswana Hotspots  located in 31 locations Gaborone, Kasane, Maun, Serowe, Francistown, Palapye and Mahalapye  providing a minimum speed of 1mbps and customers can go up to a speed of 40 Mbps. Users are able to roam between the hotspots anywhere the Botswana Hotspots are available. 

National Leased Lines (NLL)

  • Our NLL product is essentially domestic leased line services provided on the national backbone to provide transmission across Botswana. A ring like network connects all major villages and cities throughout the country providing a robust network to meet the demands of our customers. The network has been designed to ensure that almost all districts have connectivity on the promise of providing access for all through our NLL product. Our NLL services are critical for carrying and supporting 3G and 4G network expansions in the country and providing high quality services to the retail segment at amongst the lowest prices in the region. This has re-affirmed our position as the “go to” enabler in the national market in addition to being increasingly recognized as a reliable carrier of carriers in the region. 

FTTX Internet Products

BoFiNet has developed packaged internet product and services which are sold at wholesale to Service Providers who then will sell the service to consumers. The products have been developed with view to improve broadband penetration through pricing and quality of the service .The two flavours developed are dedicated (non-contended)  and shared internet (contended) internet packages.

Fibre Pro

  • This is a dedicated uncontended internet service that is provided within areas where there is a FTTx delivered directly to end user from 2 mbps to 50 mbps.. The service is delivered over the Metro and FTTX technologies offering customers high quality of service.  Fibre Pro is suitable for high band width users such as large enterprises and government sector who required dedicated internet service.

Fibre Lite

  • It is a shared internet provided on best effort catering for the SMMEs and residential users who do not necessarily require dedicated internet between 2 Mbps to 10 Mbps.  It is also offered where there is an FTTx network .Fibre Lite is a premium service positioned to provide best possible quality and price to the market via service providers at minimum speed of 1 mbps.

Internet Protocol Transit (IPT)

  • The internet protocol transit product enables customers to connect to internet content. BoFiNet offers premium uncontended IPT service to its customer. Our internet is fully protected with dual undersea cables and with multiple inland routes coming into Botswana. BoFiNet peers with Tier 1 upstream content providers which provides our customers with premium internet content. Our IPT is a blend of regional and international content enabling us to serve a wide range of customers with different content needs.

More Products and Services

International Private Lease Circuit (IPLC)

  • Our stake in the ownership of undersea cables such as WACS and EASSy has made it possible for BoFiNet to deploy a resilient and redundant IPLC offering to market. This has created a doorway for national players to have access into widening their reach on the back of competitive prices.

Metro Ethernet / Carrier Ethernet Product

  • Metro Ethernet offers affordable multi-point to multi-point connectivity. The mesh topology of the network enhances the quality of services and addresses the needs of the customers such as multi-point to multi-point connections through simplified intelligent routing capability of the network. BoFiNet ‘s deployment of a carrier Ethernet Network infrastructure is an effort to provide a diversified range of services over a converged IP/MPLS infrastructure, to cater for the data communication requirements of a wide spectrum of enterprises and services providers. The network deploys a tiered IP/MPLS architecture to provide for both scalability and resilience.

Transit Services

  • Botswana’s geographical positioning in the region and the inherent comparative advantage as a gateway to the region and the rest of the continent resulted in the aggressive launch of transit services. We have positioned ourselves as a preferred transit service provider for international customers who seek to access in neighbouring countries such as Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa. BoFiNet through its robust and resilient national network offers international customers value for money with our competitively priced transit product.
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