Founded in 1996, BECI is the only credit insurer in Botswana, and is a private company – wholly owned by Botswana Development Corporation (BDC).BECI’s primary function is to develop and equip businesses with Trade Credit Insurance policies to protect them from the danger of non-payment by credit customers. In addition, the company now offers a selection of business growth tools, such as Invoice Discounting, Debt Collection and Construction Bonds and Guarantees.

Our Vision

  • To be a reputable insurer supporting economic growth.

Our Mission

  • To provide innovative Trade Credit Insurance, Bonds, Guarantees and other insurance solutions for the benefit of our key stakeholders.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity - We will remain consistent in our actions and methods by adhering to strict professional, moral and ethical practices.
  • Customer Centric - We will remain continuously strive to exceed client expectations.
  • Teamwork - Together we are committed to the delivery of sterling results.
  • Continuous Learning - We will remain continuously strive to exceed client expectations.
Products and Services: 
  • Domestic Trade Credit Insurance
  • Export Trade Credit Insurance
  • Bonds and Guarantee
  • Debt Collection
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Trade Credit Insurance Preshipment
Town or City: 


+267 3188015
+267 3188017
Postal Address: 
Private Bag BO 275 Bontleng, Gaborone Botswana
Physical Address: 
Plot 142, Unit 1 Gaborone International Finance Park