BSE Open Day

Event Date: 
Thursday, 12 October, 2017 - 08:00 to 17:00
Town or City: 

-The overall aim of the BSE Open Day is to increase outreach to sensitize and educate the public about the stock market and the importance of investing. This initiative will serve as a platform to guide participants on the process of investing in BSE listed securities and assist in addressing some of the concerns that many Batswana may have regarding the stock market.

The BSE will also leverage on this initiative to educate and inform local business owners about the prospects of listing on the BSE by illustrating how a listing can become a catalyst for growth. The BSE continues to nurture the supply side of the market by attracting privately-owned companies to list and by offering investors a wide range of companies to invest in. In the long-run, this helps to improve the liquidity in the market. 

Attendees can confirm their attendance by contacting the Market Development Department on 3674400.

Free Admission