BPOPF looks home for investment opportunities

Botswana Public Officer’s Pension Fund (BPOPF) is looking at the local market after realizing great potential in growing their portfolio and nurturing the local Small Micro and Medium Enterprise (SMME) industry.

Through the implementation of their incubation programme, BPOPF intends to invest P1 Billion in two local citizen owned private equity managers to ensure local economic growth and create a level playing ground for local companies that are dominated by foreign players.

Borne out of the realization that local talent gets overshadowed by these industry giants who stifle their growth and end up going belly-up, the incubation programme, whose policy was approved in November 2016, aims to diminish industry barriers for small start-up companies such as competition and lack of capital among others.

Speaking at a media briefing last week, BPOPF Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Boitumelo Molefe said by investing in local talent, pension funds have the capability to contribute to the development of local industry, employment creation, and economic diversification as well as participate in a meaningful contribution to the economy.


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