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Every sport has rules and regulations that make the game more stimulating and has us hooked to the screen or paying close attention to the details of what is really going on, one such sport is boxing.  Although relatively an easy sport to follow and keep up with one can get lost in on how the rules of the match work. 

The Fox Boxing Africa championships are back again in Gaborone where boxers from Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Tanzania will go fist to fist in the ring. Boxing enthusiasts and first timers will head to the Gaborone International Convention Center to witness six bouts where fighters will show case how they understand and take advantage of the rules that make boxing what it is. Here are some of the rules that will leave you wanting more of boxing:  

  1. Downed Boxer

A boxer shall be considered "down" when, as a result of a legal blow, any part of his body, except his feet, makes contact with the floor of the ring, or when he hangs helplessly over the ropes.

  1. Knockdown

When a boxer is knocked down, the referee shall order the opponent to retire to the farthest neutral corner of the ring in relation to the down boxer, pointing at such corner, and he shall immediately count the seconds in a loud voice, with a movement of his arm, taking the count from the timekeeper. If the boxer refuses to go to the farthest corner determined by the referee, or does not stay there, the referee shall stop the count to the down boxer until his opponent retires to the indicated corner, and then the referee shall continue with the count starting from the point from which it was interrupted. If the downed boxer does not rise before the count of ten (10), he will be declared the loser by KO (Knockout), and the referee shall make it known by waving both arms. A boxer who rises and can continue the bout shall receive a minimum count of eight (8) seconds.

  1. Automatic Knockout.

Three (3) knockdowns in the same round constitute an automatic knockout.

  1. Outside of the Ring

A boxer knocked through the ropes onto the ring apron will be given ten (10) seconds to regain his feet and get back into the ring. If under the same conditions a boxer falls through the ropes onto the floor, clear of the ring, he will be given twenty (20) seconds to get back into the ring and regain his feet, unassisted by any of his cornermen. In either situation, the referee may rule a knockdown. If the boxer is assisted by a cornerman, he shall be disqualified. If the boxer is assisted by anyone other than a cornerman, the referee shall determine what action shall be taken.

  1. Knockdown at End of Round

The referee shall count the seconds to a downed boxer even after the bell. If the downed boxer fails to rise before the count of ten (10), he shall be declared loser by KO in the round that has just finished.

  1. No Saved by the Bell

A boxer legally knocked down cannot be saved by the bell in any round.

  1. End of Round Blow

A blow given at the same time as the bell rings will be Considered a legal blow.

  1. Fouls

The referee shall prevent accidental and intentional fouls, including head-butts. The referee is the only person authorized to stop the fight and to decide whether an Injury was caused by a foul. Intentional fouls may result in a loss of points or disqualification, subject to the referee's discretion.

  1. Late and Low Blows

In case of an accidental low blow or other accidental blows after the bell, the referee shall determine if the boxer who received the blow may continue the fight. Because the protector used by a boxer is considered sufficient protection, a bout cannot be terminated by a low blow. If the capacity of the boxer has not been endangered as a result of the blow, then the referee shall order the fight to resume, after an interval which is subject to the referee's discretion but which shall not exceed five minutes. A boxer unable or unwilling to resume the fight after the referee orders him to resume fighting shall lose the fight by Technical

  1.  Knockout (TKO)

Serious Injuries. When an injury produced by a fair blow is so serious that the bout cannot continue, the injured boxer shall lose the fight by TKO. 

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