Botswana Basketball Association presents Malebogo Max

The Botswana Basketball Association Disability Committee (BBADC) is formed to support and
promote the growth of Basketball to be played by athletes with disabilities. BBADC is formed to
spearhead initiatives which not only promote, but also support inclusion of all athletes.
Wheelchair basketball, on a global platform, is currently hailed as the fastest growing sport for
athletes with a disability. The history of the game spans back to late 1940’s in the United States of
America (U.S.A) when basketball players returned from World War II (WW11) to the U.S.A unable to
play able-bodied basketball. Faced with this predicament but not defeated by it, they adapted the
rules to enable it to be played in wheelchairs. In 1955, the first international competition of
Wheelchair Basketball was played and the game quickly grew throughout Europe, Asia and Australia
thus encouraging the establishment of the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation in 1993, a
fully independent world governing body.
Wheelchair Basketball is now played in over 80 countries with over 100 thousand players at all levels
over the globe. As current Paralympic and World Champions, Australia is at the fore front of
wheelchair basketball’s development.
Although in its infancy, BBADC is determined to develop basketball played in Botswana for the
benefit of athletes with various disabilities, Wheelchair basketball included as well as for sports
enthusiasts around the country.
The Botswana Basketball Association Disability Committee presents the MALEBOGO MAX
This tournament has been conceptualized to use wheelchair Basketball to raise awareness on
Gender Based Violence during the commemorative 16 days of Activism Against Gender Based
Violence, to raise awareness on BBADC; as well as to support women basketball players with
disabilities in Botswana.