The young geared for change

28 May 2019
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A 17 years old Tebo Kgetse affectional known as “Mini Jay”, live in Mochudi and schooling in Molefi Senior School. The pulsating with vigor and energy, Mini Jay on an interview with Kago Thatayaone Joromea alluded that he has registreted an organization (PlayURole) based in Mochudi, and the vision of the organization is to bridge the gap between fathers and children and assist them to deal with this identity issue caused by ’absent fathers.

“What prompted me to start this organization is that us the youth we end up finding ourselves in difficult positions because we believe that since our fathers are absent in our lives we find ourselves being hopeless and not goal oriented. We end up indulging in drug abuse and crime.”

On the 16th of March 2019 the organization held its inaugural beauty pageant and it was named Miss PlayURole. Its mandate serves to change the lives of kids who grew up without their fathers and as well as to raise funds  for the and lastly for the community to know about this initiative. Tebo Kgetse says he saw it fit to come up with this organization in order to help children who grew up without a father figure and he says he can attest it is a sensitive issue but he is going to do whatever it takes to change the lives of these kids.

Tebo Kgetse founding president mentioned that on the 28th of September 2019 he will be hosting another event titled ‘’Father & Child fun day’’  purpose of the event is to create a bond between father and the childern. The event will be held at Masimo getaway in Kgatleng. The event was solemnly sponsored by his father who also is a Professional Chef. He continue to tell this publication that he managed to host the beauty pageant through the help of his father Tebogo Bulala, Onneile and Tshepo Kgetse who is the mother, as he doesn't have sponsors.

The young man with great vigour declares that he will simply do this because his inspiration in life is to make a difference; “I am going to do whatever it takes to change people’s life. No matter the challenges I will meet along the way be it financials, I am just going to do what I have to do.” Speaking with his angelic smile he plead with the nation for support, he says it does not have to be money only that the nation can help with but with any help with little that can bring smilies on the young people and have. “Your support means a lot, money is really not a thing what I want the most is your support. i need the support so that this organization can go far.”

When concluding he said he will like to thank everyone and really appreciate assistance from the nation at large.