Weekly roll: The best cultural event!

11 Apr 2019
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Every people have a culture they follow or live by. It differs from one group to another and can also have similarities. Botswana, is a multicultural country given the many ethnic groups that are found here. You have Baherero, Bambukushu, Batawana, Bakwena, Bakgatla and a whole lot more.

All these people celebrate culture differently and it’s always a thing to watch. Every tribe has it’s own way of celebrating their culture. First of all we have languages, then attire and meals which can be similar at times but unique. The Herero have horned hats while most of the Tswana tribes have the “German” print cloth that they design into different outfits. After we all come together we sing songs of old as choirs and even battle it out together.

The best cultural event I’ve seen in Botswana is Son of the Soil, this is the best by far. The theme of the event is always culture based and the promoters of the event do it solely for culture preservation. Bana ba Mmala trust, has made sure that they host the Son of the Soil event for 15 years now, bringing something new every time. The cultural games played, the food on sale and overall feel of the event is all around Botswana. The music played and artist entertainment I always based on Botswana. Dr. Vom came in to perform and this time around the crowd was ecstatic.

The Son of the Soil is the best cultural event ever and all our poll respondents believe this too. They even serve Setswana traditional brew for free!