Types of Metshelo

26 Jan 2021
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Gase ka di bonus, gase ka di firteenf cheque (nna kana meno ame a maleelee gore a chotlhe madi sentle so I can’t say thirteenth, hehe!)  di bolaya motho. Mme kana if you remember, I told you what a Motshelo is last week, gao sa cheka my explanation I urge you to read my blog, I can’t go back ka gore ngwaga o wa Covid o re bontshitse dust, go batla motho a tswelela pele, there’s no turning back.


Jaanong, pele ga o e ja bonus eo, tla ke go bolelele about the types of motshelo.

Savings. O bona ba, ke bone ba ba tshwereng 2021 sentle. Each one of the members in a group has a specific goal and they save towards it by popping out some money every month. O tla itlhela gore they normally save and loan each other money for 12 monfs (maino bagolo, hehe), so when Dezember comes they split the profits and start again ka January.


Grocery Motshelo. E yone e go jesa 7 colours strait! O tla bona t-shirt ele red, yellow, purpole, green and any colour you can think of, o be o itse gore Rakgadi wa motshelo o teng. Members contribute money for groceries every month from January until Dezember. They then buy food in bulk and divide it. The beautiful thing about buying in bulk is that it’s so much cheaper and the food can last you a long time.


Building Motshelo. Kana le rata bo keeping up with the Thato’s, the Lebo’s and the Kago’s but to build a house e e manobonobo you don’t need to have a lot of money, ng ng. What you need to do is join a house building motshelo which allows its members to contribute money to one member every month to help them build a house for one year. The following year, they move on to the next person and so on and so forth. You see, it’s not difficult Batswana.


Metshelo tota e mentsi, it depends on what your goal is. Nna tota ga ke itse which Motshelo you want to belong to or belong to, but what I know is that to achieve any one of these financial goals, you need to join the Tribe of the financially free ko Bank Gaborone and open a Lebandla Group Savings Account. ke P1000 nyala fela. E bile each member gets P2000 free funeral cover for a maximum of 20 members.

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