Towards Netball World Youth Cup 2017#NWYC2017

22 Sep 2016
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In 2013, Botswana Netball won the rights to host the NWYC2017. So what is NWYC2017?

The NWYC2017 is a pinnacle event for the International Netball Federation (INF) featuring the best 20 countries from 5 Regions Worldwide, involving 240 Under 21 players, to compete in a total of 70 games over a 9 days at 2 Competition Venues in Gaborone from July 08th to 16th 2017.

To date the following countries have qualified for NWYC2017. The Top 4 countries from the NWYC2013 held in Glasgow, Scotland. These are New Zealand, Australia, Jamaica and England. Botswana qualifies automatically by virtue of being the host.

To make up the remaining 15 countries, each of the 5 INF regions then host qualifying games to determine the Top 3 countries from each region. So far the Asian, African and Americas Regions has concluded their Qualifying games and presented the following teams as their representatives.


Asia Region

  • Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka

Africa Region

  • South Africa, Zimbabwe and Uganda

Americas Region

  • Barbados
  • Trinidard & Tobago
  • Grenada

The Oceania Region will host their qualifiers in New Zealand in September whilst the Europe Region will be the last region to host their qualifiers in October.  

Once all the regions have concluded the qualifiers the President of the INF, Hon. Molly Rhone, will travel to Botswana in October 2016 for the draw on the NWYC2017.