02 Jun 2020
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As a proud Motswana when thinking about the entertainment industry in our beloved country, what are the first names that come to mind particularly when it comes to music? The first names we all utter are the same: Vee Mampeezy, ATI, Charma Gal, Ban T, Veezo View, etc. -- all leaders of the mainstream. All these artists are revered in the local market because through the trials and tribulations that prevail in our infant industry, they still have managed to garner a wide following, both in and outside Botswana. But what of the up-and-coming talents? How are they to break into the mainstream and compete with these household names? Do these “big” artists welcome these budding new talents? Are they helping to create an ecosystem that supports new and seasoned talent alike or are they monopolizing the industry?

The answers to these questions are subjective, and opinions on related fields like radio, events, corporate sponsorships, and the likes are as polarized as can be, but everyone agrees that structure is the main thing that’s needed to fill the void between opinions. BLXCKHIPPY ENTERTAINMENT is a firmly rooted multimedia company that strongly believes in its capacity to help fill this chasm. The company is made up predominantly of driven youth who, through their various professional qualifications and shared passions for music and other facets of the arts industry of Botswana, have taken it upon themselves to provide the necessary platforms to the broad spectrum of creatives in order to drive growth in their industry.

One of these very innovative platforms is BLXCKHIPPYRADIO, a live online radio stream that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all-year-round, internationally. With a dedicated site, a mobile application, and an excellent presence on social media, this product has already helped a lot of local musicians to excel at their craft via airplay, features on radio shows, and social media platforms, among other things. The team at BLXCKHIPPYRADIO is also working to develop various other platforms for musicians and other artists, one of which is an Online Music Browser that affords local musicians of all genres and from anywhere in the world. Clicking just one link and following a few steps is all anyone needs to be able to access the site’s perks and be well on their way to not just reach an international clientele, but actually earn money from selling their artworks for up to 100% revenue. 

Admittedly, operating in such a young and relatively inexperienced market as Botswana, does present some challenges, which is why we also have an innovative group of young entrepreneurs in one of Africa’s largest, most mature arts industries: South Africa. In addition to this cross-country network, the company has various affiliates all around the world helping to propagate their mandate and further their motives for the good of all Batswana musicians and creatives at large.

At BLXCKHIPPYRADIO, we believe in the creative period. We believe that the creative industry is the future of equity and the one constant in a life of leisure. And, we believe that creatives shouldn't have to jump through hoops to earn returns for the hard work they put in. That’s why we have developed our site to be a platform for creatives to put their art on sale and get a return on the investment they’ve made in themselves.

If you’re a grinding musician, the BLXCKHIPPYRADIO site is the perfect place to introduce yourself to the world as the next best artist -- while EARNING THE MONEY you’re worth -- through 3 very easy steps:

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Introduce the world to your greatness with BLXCKHIPPYRADIO, brought to you by BLXCKHIPPY Entertainment.