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18 Oct 2016
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Introduction to SKY Channels

SKY Girls BW is an empowerment campaign for teenage girls, created around the tagline ‘stay true to yourself’. This was based on the insight that teenagers (and girls in particular) often struggle to make well-informed decisions, and can sometimes make decisions based on what they think others want them to do.

SKY aims to equip girls with the tools to make good life decisions, which will not only benefit the individual girls, but also Batswana as a whole as SKY helps create a generation of empowered and responsible future workers, mothers and daughters.

Since SKY launched in February 2014, we have reached hundreds of thousands of youth in various ways:

Over 200 editions of our weekly radio shows

Currently airing on RB2, Saturdays 12.30pm

Currently featuring a radio drama, ‘Matswaka Bae’

SKY Magazine, with a free circulation of 70,000

12 issues distributed so far

Social media channels

skygirlsbw on Facebook: 60,000 likes

@skygirlsbw on Twitter: 2063 followers

@skygirlsbw on Instagram: 1756 followers

Bulk SMS notifications to over 15,000 girls

14 major events, with a combined audience of 15,000 girls

Several hundred activations, with a combined audience of over 10,000

5-minute segments on TV



SKY Content for Youth

At SKY Girls BW, we are committed to providing great content that is for youth, by youth. All of our content is curated from teenage girls themselves, which we see as the main reason we have gained such a large following.             

 SKY has a track record of creating high quality content for youth through the magazines, social media, radio shows and TV slots.

SKY magazine covers

SKY - The Brand

Just over 2 years ago, in February 2014, we launched SKY Girls BW.

We called ourselves a sisterhood, because we were much more than the sum of our parts – namely a magazine, radio show, social media platforms, large and small events, a clothing line, a hit single and music video, and networks of both peer groups and celebrities.

All of SKY’s messaging is themed around ‘staying true to yourself’. This lends itself to a myriad of topics close to the girls’ hearts, including fashion, music, relationships, health & beauty, and education & careers.

The ‘stay true to yourself’ message rang true with our audience of girls at an age where they are trying to work out who they are, and facing new decisions every day.

SKY’s brand personality is both hero and friend – it acts as a brave older sister, forging a path for teenage girls that is strong, positive and cool. SKY quickly became the number 1 brand for teenage girls in Botswana. 


2 years on, 97% of our target audience had heard of SKY. 90% of our audience say that SKY is ‘extremely important’ or ‘very important’ to them.

Our social media presence is one of the biggest in the country, with over 70,000 Facebook likes and counting. Every day we receive messages of support and solidarity from girls all over the country, and every release of a new magazine creates a flurry of excitement in schools across the country.

New activities

2 years down the line, SKY is the brand for teenage girls in Botswana. We decided to grow the brand in 2016 by introducing brand new channels.


Matswaka Bae – Radio Drama

We recently launched a radio drama to air on RB2, repeating on Yarona FM. We held open auditions for anyone wanting to act in the drama. The drama is set in a Junior Secondary School, and revolves around the lives of several teenage girls, their friends and family. Elements of the performing/creative arts intertwine with the drama, such as music and poetry. The drama is called ‘Matswaka Bae’, the most voted name by the girls to explore issues of identity, self-expression and positive decisions through characterization and drama. We are excited for the girls to relate to the characters and tune into the storylines each week on Saturday’s @ 12:30 on RB2 and Sunday on YaronaFM.

Why are we making a radio drama?

Reaching the rural population can be difficult in Botswana because audiences are very spread out geographically. Although we send SKY Magazine to all corners of the country, we decided it was important to create another national channel, as many rural girls do not have access to SKY’s social media channels.                     

SKY Vlog

To stay ahead of the game within the digital space, we recently launched a weekly vlog, presented by teenage girls. The vlogging world is in its infancy in Botswana, which we see as an opportunity to become the vanguard and create fantastic, engaging content for youth. A new SKY vlog will be released on a weekly basis, covering all sorts of engaging and important issues for youth.

By airing video through digital channels we are able to report accurately on the number of views and the demographics of the viewers.


SKY Statistics:

  • 95% of our target audience have heard of SKY
  • Over 200 radio shows aired
  • 720,000 copies of SKY Magazine distributed
  • Weekly Facebook reach of over 10,000
  • In the top 10 most ‘liked’ Facebook pages in the country
  • Over 15,000 girls signed up to receive SMSes from us
  • Over 5000 unique ‘conversations’ through our Facebook inbox since launch, answering questions and giving advice on various issues
  • Over 15,000 total attendees at our events


The girls say…

Hei SKY Girls! I just LOVE your mag for teen girls. I feel it’s just what Bots was missing. I am officially a SKY addict

“Finally, Some1 decidd to do somethn special for BW teens”

“Thnk u guys u ve mde a great chnge in mi life”

“SKY has really helped me to be who I am today”

“Hi :) I want to thank you for your inspirational quotes and great advices! You guys rock, keep with what you are doing :D You have helped me stay true to myself under every circumstance.”

“Thnk u SKY girls, u helped me find the inner me nd my true self #LONGLIVESKYGIRLS”

“I feel like SKY girls are so advanced. When I was a teenager I didn’t think like you guys… busy here giving each other top notch advice. This might just be the change we need”

“SKY is changing a lot of people #goodsisterhood”

“I’m not a SKY girl by mistake… BORN to be”



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