Settling back into work

15 Jun 2020
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Last week members of the public started returning to work after a month of staying home in efforts to fight Covid19. There have been mixed reactions with some people feeling anxious and some very excited to be back in the office. No matter where you fall, we may all need to readjust to being back in the office. Most of us had already created at home work routines that worked brilliantly and we were all convinced we were all meant to work at home at some point! We might take the transition for granted and expect everyone to re-adjust with ease but we do need to consider that not everyone adapts easily. The upside is that people will not be back at work full time and this will give them time to adjust to life as they knew it. Managers have found that keeping their team engaged has required extra effort to communicate with employees stuck at home during lockdown, and the same rule will apply to staff returning to work. Here are a few tips to help us settle back into work:

  1.  Ease your way back into work

Either the day before returning to work or the morning of returning to work, take some time to plan out your day. Make a to-do list of everything you need to do and prioritize what’s important. It might be a good idea to start with tasks that you didn't finish before you went on lockdown. It'll give you a sense of normality. You might be tempted to jump straight into new projects, but you're going to crash and burn before lunch.


  1. Go to work with a new set of eyes

After being away from it for a while, you can look at it differently and offer a new perspective. Sometimes you just need time away to get a little jumpstart on your work. Covid19 was a wakeup call for the world, for us to do better and embrace the good and positive that we have in our lives. Bring this perspective into your work space and approach tasks with a new perspective.


  1. Communicate

The struggle of going back to work could be immense for some and they may need a strong support system during this time. If you have a great partner, family, and good friends, you’re lucky. Keep an eye out for those who don’t and provide them with an outlet to talk as you all go back to work. Stay in constant communication with loved ones and colleagues to help keep your mental health in tact as you re-adapt to being back in the office.