Setso Tripe at Home

15 Nov 2017
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I love my Tswana traditional cuisine but I only ever get to indulge during weddings or special events. I attended the Food Farm at Notwane farm this past Saturday and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I expected a huge turnout (not in a good way) and it was a pleasant surprise to find a manageable crowd was in attendance. People came with their children, families and friends to come and enjoy a full farm experience. Obviously when you hear ‘Food Farm’ you expect to have a full food experience so I was disappointed that there weren’t enough stalls. This could however be because it’s a relatively new event and the potential to grow is endless. I loved that all the stalls were owned by local farmers and any manufactured products were proudly BW.

One of my favorite things at the farm was the tinned Tripe (Serobe) which I’d never heard or seen before. I bought two cans and decided to give it a try and the results were quite impressive. My struggle with tripe had always been the SMELL!! People insist it’s because it wasn’t washed properly but I still haven’t come across tripe that doesn’t smell until this weekend. Setso Tripe did not have any offensive smell and the flavor was amazing; I suspect the chillies in there.

You can either cook it as is or add a few of your own ingredients to bring it to life. Here is how i made mine. 


Red Onion

Cherry Tomatoes

Tomatoe Paste/ juice 

Fresh Chillies

Fresh Coriander


Saute Onions in olive oil 

Add 1 tin of Setso Tripe 

Add fresh Chillies and cherry tomatoes

Let all ingredients simmer for 10 minutes

Add Freshly chopped corainder and simmer for another 5 minutes 

Best served with pap