Self-employment vs Entrepreneurship

24 Apr 2019
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Being self employed is basically working for oneself, you are the business, and everything is based on your skills, thus you trust yourself so much that you believe no one can do it better than you. Usually self employed people quit their jobs because they think, I am good at this, so let me do it on my own, but the downside is they forget that they are technicians and building a business requires more than technical skills e.g. a plumber quits his job and becomes self employed.

An entrepreneur is a problem solver, and in most cases does not have the technical qualifications of the problems they are solving, but knows how to build a team that do. He then builds a business that later does not need him to be there for it to run. A visionary who can see gaps and opportunities because he/she is not swamped with operations and doing the actual job, meaning he/she does not work In the business, he works On the business. He builds something that outlives him. like Base Sebonego, Manhar Mooney, Steve Jobs, Lerumo Mogobe etc.

Note that there are still technicians who are entrepreneurial like Bill gates who gets to build big enterprises, but not by themselves. So in conclusion being self employed is creating a job and and you are the employee, and you earn from your own blood and sweat while being an entrepreneur is building an enterprise that works.

Article by: Mogomotsi Patrick France