Season Bird Signals

03 Sep 2019
Article by : 
Xaa Safaris

Echoing across the deception valley plains, the robust sounds of the Rufous-naped lark fill the plains marking the pending change of season.

This bird tells us that spring is coming soon, that the plains will be filled with the sweet melody of the ascension of larks & vibrant colors from the new Kalahari blooms. It’s amazing how just one sound can signal such a big change in the landscape, the Monotonous Lark let’s us know that summer is the air and the Kalahari Sun is about to show off. The Levaillant's cuckoo sounds off the beginning of the rainy season. It’s amazing how just listening to the sounds that surround us can tell you 1000 stories about what’s around us, from warning us about eminent danger, to signaling the looming change of season. Nature provides us all the answers all we have to do is just listen.

We spotted this young fellow chirping away on our game drive in the CKGR this weekend, we can safely say that we listened and we know that Spring is on the way: