25 Jul 2019
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Xaa Safaris

Oh Okavango! Fonte da Vida-the Source of Life (as the local inhabitants of Angola call it). Though your flow is low, your relenting nature is unwavering!

Born from the Angolan Highlands, this unlikely oasis has been pouring in from the Cubango river since the beginning of time! Meandering and fanning out over the flat area, depositing all its nutrients, supporting the plant growth and making a rich home range for the big game and hundreds of bird species. Its no wonder it was listed one of the Seven Wonders of The World.

Okavango Delta is relentless, regardless of the hydrological drought that is being experienced due to lesser rains between 2018/19. Information gathered from Department of Water and Sanitation indicates that during Q4 2018/19 water level in the Okavango River was lower compared to same period in 2017/18. With rapid veld fires in Angola and other climatic issues, the delta has since received lower water inflows.
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Should you be worried about your next trip to the delta? Certainly not! The lower water levels are a perfect opportunity to glide the delta with the mokoro (dugout canoe). Because of the lesser water levels, the wild animals migrate to locations where there are abundant water supplies. If you have your camera with you, then brace yourself for amazing intimate wildlife photography experience.

As you slowly glide through the delta, you will find yourself in awe as you encounter grazing herds of a variety of wildlife animals like the rare swamp-dwelling sitatunga, red lechwe antelope, as well as elephants.

It becomes so surreal when you allow the wilderness to become part of you! That deep safari imprint, becomes a wave of emotion as the whole world evaporates and you are face to face with nature! Reminiscing and meditating, getting lost in your own Garden of Eden, somehow finding yourself again in the eyes of the Okavango.

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