Recognize A Motswana: Otsile Moje

22 May 2020
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Meet Otsile Moje, a 27 year old gentleman from Manamakgota ward in Mochudi village. Raised by a single unemployed mother Otsile was determined to make it in life and not allow his circumstances to be a limitation to his future.

Otsile finished his Cambridge in 2011 and worked at the Braai Place as a chef earning P900. He used some of his earnings to take himself to a motorcycle driving school where he acquired his license and was later employed as a motorcycle driver delivering orders in Gaborone.

In 2013 he joined the Botswana Defence Force and registered a NGO called Moje foundation. The mandate of the organisation was to support and empower single expectant teenagers and teenage mothers. It became evident that these teenage mothers and mothers to be did not have access to sanitary towels resorting to them using alternative material that were unhygienic during their menstrual cycles. The use of unhygienic material does not only strip women of their dignity but also exposes them to grave health risks that can have long-term effects on their reproductive system.  Otsile Moje is of the view that menstrual sanitation should be of a high priority to leaders in the Government. The devastating conditions of menstrual sanitation amongst disadvantaged groups compelled him to manufacture free sanitary towels for school going girls that will be distributed across Botswana.

Through Moje foundation, Mr Otsile Moje took a leap of faith and tried to raise the two million Pula start up to establish a sustainable factory that would manufacture the sanitary pads in Botswana. He partnered with Klea Vision foundation in South Africa to try and make his dream a reality but unfortunately due to limitations in capacity they were unable to meet demand regionally.

Despite the challenges that he faced in his entrepreneurial journey, Mr Otsile Moje registered a company in 2018 called Euclea Crispa. He did not lose his passion to manufacture sanitary pads and his hopes were that Euclea Crispa would achieve this. With numerous rejections from various funding institutions, in 2019 CEDA funded his project to help him increase his production capacity as most of his products were manufactured and packaged in South Africa by Klea Vision foundation factory.  

Otsile Moje has now partnered with SVK Enterprise to manufacture disposable and non-woven medical gowns to aid the Government in fighting Covid19.  With the support of CEDA,SPEDU and BITC his company landed an opportunity to market and distribute sanitary products in Rwanda. Otsile Moje is not only an inspiration to fellow Batswana but he is the epitome of hardwork and sheer perseverance.