Recognize A Motswana - Kagiso Mpa

29 Sep 2020
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Meet Kagiso Mpa, Kagiso is a Data Scientist with hands-on experience in handling and analyzing enterprise big data; advanced analytics, data management, data mining, data visualization, sentiments analysis, customer experience (churn and market research), Artificial Intelligence (machine learning), digital transformation and business intelligence. Kagiso has worked for Botswana Life as an actuarial assistant, Alpha Direct Insurance as a Data Analyst, Metropolitan and Momentum Holdings (Cape Town) as a Data Analyst, and the University of the Western Cape as a Business Intelligence Analyst. Mr. Mpa is currently a partner and Data Scientist at Seriti Insights, responsible for research, solutions development, and technical resources strategy. Seriti Insights is a B2B Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Data Analytics firm to connect enterprises to the endless possibilities of data.

Kagiso is a learned individual who holds a BSc in Statistics (UB), Insurance Associateship (AIISA), Finance For Non-Financial Managers (BAC), Enterprise Risk Management (BAC), Hons. Data Analytics & Business Intelligence (University of the Western Cape), MCom. Information Management: Data Science & E-Logistics (University of the Western Cape)

Apart from his profession as a Data Scientist, Kagiso is also an avid social media influencer who is instrumental in what we have come to know as the Sunday cook-off which exclusively is being run on Twitter. The Cookoff started as playful banter between @Kitso_Morekisi and @Bokang_DT on who can cook best during the first lockdown. Kagiso was roped in as a “moderator” due to his large audience and influence. Since then people loved the challenge and called for it to keep going. It’s been months now and it is growing. "We are piloting it as a tv show and maybe that’s where it’ll go in the future. Although we still want to maintain the authenticity of it. It is for the people and by the people, so they will always vote and determine the winning plate'' he added.