Recognise A Motswana - Kaene Disepo

25 May 2021
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Today we recognise one of our high achievers, Mr. Kaene Disepo, the youngest member of the Departmetn of Tertiary Education Financing (DTEF) Top Achievers Scholarship Review Committee. 

A young man of humble beginnings, Kaene Disepo was bor and bred in Botswana and despite going through some of life's most toughest circumstances, rose the top and continues to fight his way up. He is currenlt in the race for candidacy in the Commonwealth Youth Council as the Regional Representative for Africa & Europe, something Botswana has never particiapted in before. His quest in leadership is however not only for himseld but he also aspires to bring on board other young people to jion such leadership organisaation across the world and make a difference not only locally but globally as well. 

Photo cred: Kaene Disepo - FB