Reasons Why You Should Try The Mokoro

12 Aug 2019
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Xaa Safaris

A mokoro is a traditional dug out canoe made from strong wood from jackalberry, ebony, mangosteen or sausage tree. It is usually six metres long and transports 2 people and the guide. Instead of an oar to move the mokoro through the water, a long pole is used, allowing for greater control in the muddy and sometimes murky waters. Of recent there are new developments regarding material used to make Mokoro's due the growing concern for the presevation of the environment, they are now being made from fibre glass.

As you penetrate the inviting Okavango, gliding slowly and at ease, you are met by a variety of captivating aquatic species and wildlife animals. Unlike the boat, the mokoro ride is much slower and quieter, giving you the opportunity to experience the flora and fauna much closer.

Relax and enjoy the Magical Sounds of the Okavango. The slow mokoro glides compliments the stillness of the delta perfectly. As you take in all the experience, you are able to hear the musical bird sounds, the whistling and croaking frogs, the hippo groans and elephant trumpets as they enjoy the nutritious Okavango.

The captivating sunsets have a pull to them. As the sun melts into the horizon, you will be taken by the rhythmic bird noises as they head back to their nests after a long beautiful Okavango day. The romantic scenery, the cool breeze sits in perfectly as you slowly glide back to your campsite or back home.

Unpredictable! No matter how many times you glide through the Okavango, the experience is never the same.

For an in-depth experience of the Okavango Delta, try the MOKORO RIDE.

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