Power PR on Instagram

07 Mar 2019
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Wondering if it’s worth the time and effort to build a business account on Instagram? According to cision.com, Instagram gets 4.21 percent engagement per post compared to .07 percent for Facebook. It’s also the fastest growing among the larger social media platforms.

That is because a picture has always been worth a thousand words – who doesn’t love a good story told almost exclusively with pictures?

But one of the problems for businesses – and their PR people, Instagram continues to limit access to paid advertising on their site.  Yet, here’s a few ways to help build your business on Instagram now with a strong strategy, targeting of the right influencers and a few other tricks we provide below.


You already know about them. You should know that IG allows around 30 per post and that you can delete them from the post and put new ones in immediately one time. But you can also put new ones in several days later to refresh your post. However, don’t use all 30. Stick with about 3-5 at most per time.

So, what hashtags should you use? You can go to the explore page and find what hashtags get the most action. But here’s the thing – you want to make sure the ones you use have a solid connection to your business or the photo, and you don’t necessarily want ones that are close to the top of the popularity list.

Those at or near the top are used so extensively your picture is going to cycle out of view for those searching within only a second or two – shifting down to maybe photo number 200 or so just that fast. So using the slightly less popular hashtags search results in the low millions should keep your post in the frame longer and still get you a lot of views.