The pandemic’s flipside

23 Jun 2020
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You are probably fed up with the pandemic at this point. You have heard of it in the news on radio, television, and even social media. Everything around you has since been taken over by COvid-19. Getting to work, school, food, travel etc. Everything everywhere has been affected.

The changes brought by the pandemic are mostly perceived as negative. We have been moved from our “old” normal to a “new” normal. Things we used to do a certain way have now been changed. We used to travel to work but now we are allowed to work from home. We used to get cramped up in public transport but are now given more room to exercise social distancing. The “new” normal now sees us wearing masks as a requirement for anyone, anywhere, in public space, be it indoors or outdoors.

With all these things that we are crying about, there is a good side, the flipside of the pandemic. There is a lot of good that has come out of this had time and we should all hope that this at the least stay this way. With companies now allowing staff to work remotely it means employees get to work in their most comfortable space, home. T gives employees more freedom which should translate to better quality of work. It also gives them the opportunity to cut down their daily living expenses as they now travel less and can eat their meals from home.

Employers too get to benefit from this despite the loss in revenues and profits. As an employer, having less employees in the office means less utility usage. You get to have less lights on, less water and electricity usage. Other office staples like tea, coffee and snacks are also cut down. The even bigger benefit will be found in the reduced usage of company assets like vehicles which will lower the mileage, wear and tear and fuel costs altogether. If your company was on the verge of expansion then there is good opportunity for that now. You can revise those plans to meet these times and get to do it remotely should your business permit such. You do not have to now concern yourself with bigger office space to accommodate all your staff.

The entrepreneurship world is also at a good point in times like these. Yes other small businesses have been hurt but it is in times like these that new ideas are birthed. Entrepreneurship can be defined as revenue generating problem solving ideas and that is the opportunity at hand. Because of all these challenges the entrepreneurs are at a golden moment of coming up with new solutions to the current problems we have. We have hygiene and transport issues. Communication issues have been well tackled by Zoom thought entirely. Those in the textiles industry have transformed their businesses to mask making factories.

As much as the pandemic is a bad thing and no one wants around for long, there is a flipside to it and that’s what we should pay mind to. What is the flipside of it, what can you do to turn the tables around in your favour. In fact, in everybody’s favour.