26 Jun 2019
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It is NEVER too late to start again. Never! Sometimes as we chase after our purpose in life and as we try to build wealth for ourselves and our descendants, we rack up a full list of mistakes and things easily spiral out of control. One minute things are looking good but the next you are losing it; lost your job, can’t find a job, no money, failed relationships, the Business isn’t doing so well and you are sinking deeper into debt and emotional distress. Have you been there?

I have, in my previous blogs, talked about the science of entropy; life’s tendency to gravitate towards disorder. I have also talked about cognitive distortions where your brain has a tendency to magnify problemsand minimise solutions. Put together, these form a concoction that can easily drown you. That is why we usually find ourselves afraid of starting afresh because we are, 1. familiar with our situations and have accepted them as norm and, 2. The idea of starting afresh seems to be too far fetched. “I have come too far, I can’t start again”

As a result, we stay too long in a “bad” situation. We get shocked when we find out that Pauline* has been physically abused for years yet she is still with her abuser. It gets amazing to know that even 5years later John* is still trying to push his business and he owes everyone in town. Some people hate their bosses and their work place but still will not move. Why?

We lack control over our minds. I bet you are thinking, “What a crazy idealist answer!” I know. It is easy to say things that lack the practicality of application. But! Our bodies undergo a process called NEUROGENESIS where neurons are created daily to benefit us and because of neuroplasticity, our new neurons can be part of the process of re-wiring our brain; starting afresh. This sounds more complicated than it really is. Basically, we can flush out how we think now and re-wire our brains to think for our benefit. You CAN start afresh.

It turns out that starting afresh, as a principle, is part of our physiology. You CAN start afresh. No situation is too big for you to handle. No situation is too huge for you to bounce back from even if you lose it all and start afresh.

Take control of your mind.

By: Sibusiso Kgosikhumo, FB