My Rhinos.

29 Nov 2018
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I love my Botswana, "My Spar, My Botswana", the retailer would say! It's a beautiful country we have here and I'm proud of it, I love it!

I went on over to Orapa and to my amazement I was invited to a Game Park drive within Orapa. Who knew that there was a game park here¿! I had no idea! So I jumped into the car and off we went. I got out there and into the park we went with our mine entry permits, the "receipt paper" of life in these parts and a quick look into the dockets by the security guard we went in and had a good time!

A short drive into the park alongside the airport fence led us straight to the animals. The airport, just for your info, is in the park as well. My friends and I wanted to see the esteemed and ever precious Rhinos that the Botswana government has put under intensive protection from poachers. With what I saw, the awards and global recognition we have been getting on the rhino conservation is fitting.

The number of Rhinos we saw surely wasn't all of them but it was so great a number than I have ever seen. Males, females and even baby Rhinos. These massive beasts look ugly but beautiful, mooshy yet so tough. The baby Rhinos suckle for milk from their mothers just like all other mammals do. They feed on grass out there and so friendly with all other animals. They were there next to Wilderbeasts, Gemsbok, Springboks and Impala.

Go tsamaya ke go bona Motswana wetsho. Ya Orapa o bone dintlenyane tsa lefatshe, dintlenyane tsa Botswana.