My Life story: His Excellency Dr. Mokgweetsi E. K. Masisi

28 Aug 2019
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Good morning fellow citizens. I wish to share a bit of my own story and hope it inspires even just one person this morning. Today I serve as President of our beautiful country: an honor and privilege I do not for one second take for granted. I see myself as another one of you, a ‘first among equals’. 

My being in this office says just about anyone of us can occupy the highest of offices in our land. It is testimony that anything is possible if we create opportunities for all, and if we take challenges and failure as temporary setbacks.

I have battled failure, illness, unemployment, being seen as unfit for certain things, scorn and ridicule. Through it all I never gave up. I know so many of our people go through the same and today I want to testify that such are part of our journeys. Just keep it in your minds that the toughest and sharpest of blades are forged in fire. 

When I first ran for parliament I lost primary elections. Many people wrote me off. Some people found faults but I found lessons in defeat. I chose then to go back to the structures, worked my way up and was able to win the next primary election and subsequent general election. 

I am not in any way special, my story is similar to your stories and anything I or any other person can achieve you too can attain. These lessons along many others are what drive me today, what motivates me to want to fight hard for all of you; all of us to be able to catch our dreams. 

It is my daily struggle to want for any child born in this country, regardless of who their parents are or what part of our country they are born to be able to reach their full potential. The laws, policies and programmes we put into place shall be guided by this shared desire for us to build a nation in which all have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. I need you to walk with me, and to fight on. We will give you a helping hand of course. 

Never ever lose hope. You may not be where you want to be yet but chase that dream. Believe. Keep learning and through constant self-improvement you shall reach your destiny. And when you do, our communities and nation shall also prosper. Have a good and productive day.