17 Sep 2019
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Xaa Safaris

We took a second to catch up with Lesego, he has been with us from the beginning of our journey.

He has always gone an extra mile for the company, To him this is more than a career its his lifestyle and he loves every part of it.

1. Hi Lesego, when did you start working at Xaa Safaris? - I started work at Xaa in January 2017

2. Please tell us a bit about your first memory of working at Xaa? – It was my first meeting with the company director, explaining to me their vision and mission for Xaa. It got me so excited thinking about the future.

3. Whilst working at Xaa Safaris what are the 4 things you have learnt about yourself? – That am resourceful, patient, a people’s person and dedicated to my work.

4. How would you describe the Okavango to someone who has not been there before? – Wow, I don’t even know where to start. There is so much to speak on, from the beautiful views; to the vibrant communities in the Delta to the amazing fresh air. The Okavango Energy is like none on this earth, there always great vibes, jubilation and excitement. When you are on that mokoro or Boat there is so much to see and talk about, particularly the bird life. The Delta sunsets are second to none. There so much to look forward to when you get here.

5. What are some of the unique experiences you've come across in your time at Xaa Safaris? – One of the most memorable experiences was meeting a former Paralympics Gold Medalist who went on safari with us. She had such an amazing spirit and aura.