07 Oct 2019
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Xaa Safaris

We took a second to catch up with Puso, we caught him just after his day trip to the Moremi.

Puso's passion for nature and animals has been evident. Consumed by his love for wildlife, going into the wild is always an adventure for him.

1. Hi Puso, How did you become a guide? - I started as an assistant manager at a lodge but I always yearned to be out and about in the wild. I then took a leap of faith & pursued my passion for guiding. Which led me here, to Xaa Safaris.

2. What is your favourite place guide? – Generally, I love the whole of Botswana. but if I had to choose, I would pick the Kgalagadi Trans Frontier. It is still so remote and wild, almost untouched if you will. I also know the park well and have seen some of my best carrier sightings there.

3. Speaking of guiding what has been your favourite sighting so far? – It was definitely seeing an elusive aardvark and aardwolf animal. They are nocturnal which at times make them difficult to spot.

4. What was your first memory of guiding? – It was in 2015, I was excited and nervous but so anxious about where to take the guest or what to do first. That day we saw Lions up close almost next to our car, a terrifying but amazing experience.

5. What's the most taxing part of Guiding? - Meeting a client's expectations, because you know what they say "there are no guarantees in the bush". So I put in a lot of thought & strategy into trying to make sure that our Xaa Safaris clients see what they came on safari to see.