Live-streaming to 115 382 people

17 Jan 2019
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During the past year we have been privileged enough to work on a variety of Livestream event with a lot of local and international companies. We have had a lot of big successes and very unfortunate instance where we have taken the time to learn. The most important thing to realize in the past year is we have improved the quality and it generally looks better on your phone and laptop and secondly we are able to do multiple cameras like we did during the BNYC film and television festival. 

We have took it from it being done with phones to being done with HD cameras producing quality to choose from, that is 360p, 480p and 720p full HD. Our mandate as an organization is to be globally African and in the year 2018 we were able to embody that through the project we did with the Botswana Innovation Hub.

 It was exciting when we got the brief to enable an audience in BUIST almost 300 kilometers away to both watch in real time and ask questions during the Innovation day by Botswana Innovation Hub. When the audience in Palapye hit the Innovation day big screen in Gaborone to ask questions it was very thrilling moment. One of the biggest challenges we continue to face is the provision of this service is the lack of stable internet. Our solution to this problem is to use the best mobile internet service providers in the country. 

 Livestream is becoming popular in most organizations and is proving to become a new way to connect with audiences in real time. We had a total viewership of 115 382 in 2018 and in 2019, we would like to explore more ways that we can use this technology to enable greater access and we mean in the most rural of place. So in 2018 we did manage to go live even enjoyed a very beautiful project called social Light TV which engaged with a lot of Batswana that had a story to tell in there Entrepreneurship journey and had shown courage. In 2019 the plan is still to go live and we will go live.