Little Princesses of the World

10 Jul 2019
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International home grown passions are a thing to search for as there aren’t many and those that are need that support. The Little Miss Princess of the World is a home grown passion by Botswana’s own Tebogo Lebanna. A young lady herself, Tebogo has been hosting the pageant for a few years now and it’s going strong.

Avani Hotel & Resort hosted the 2019 pageant on Sunday afternoon to pick the Little Miss Princess of the World. Families came out in numbers to support their sisters and daughters. Fathers and Mothers alike were all out and cheering for their babies. The event was lit, properly so thanks to the technical team on site and the contestant performances were above board. The various pieces performed were so diverse and relevant. Traditional acts on Tswana culture across different ethnic groups were amazing. They touched on African Traditional religion, traditional medicines, and parent child relations.

Now, it would not have been a beauty pageant if the little princesses didn’t come out with their evening gowns. They may be too young to go out at night in these lavish outfits but they sure were looking gorgeous! The runway was alight with different coloured dresses, some flowing as though made for a Queen, as Queens they are. We quickly got up to the shortlisting’s when Miss Congeniality, Miss Elegance and other pageant categories.

We then got to the Top 6 and the Q&A got underway. The question was, “if they were asked to take a visitor to any place in Botswana, where would it be?” and the answers were amazing. Tsodilo Hills, Lentswe la Baratani, Goo Moremi Gorge and were Sedudu Island some of the wonderful places mentioned by the contestants.

The other question posed to the contestants was “Is Botswana ready for a female President?” which was answered with so much passion. One of the contestants, Vanessa Steglin, spoke of the various platforms locally supporting women and how many talented women there are in these organisations. Some women are already leading large organsation in Botswana therefore women need to be given a chance to lead the country.