Lifelong Learning

19 Aug 2019
Article by : 
Gaone Mothobi

I remember back when we were young, very few of us were excited about the prospect of school or learning anything that required reading. I will admit it, I was one of the teenagers who looked forward to completing High School so I won't have to spend long hours reading about mitochondria or trying to analyse the plot of a book we read in our English class. Fortunately, with age comes infinite wisdom, I have at this point in my life learned the importance of feeding my brain with us much information as I can humanly take in at a time.

As a new entrant in the world of work, I have tried to pay extra attention to not only my work but also to the type of employees who seemigly get ahead compared to those who, for lack of a better term, seem stagnant in their careers. To my unscientific conclusion, based entirely on observation, the type of employees that move up the corporate ladder are those who go the extra mile to acquire new knowledge and skills. Although I am new to the labour market, one thing that is obvious to me is that the workplace is getting more and more dynamic by the day. When the workplace changes, as an employee you are required to change, willfully or not.

More and more corporations are moving towards the digital space, this will require new sets of skills from employees as well as fresh-thinking coupled with abilities to be innovative. It is therefore imperative that we try as much as possible to learn as much as possible so as to remain competitive employees and desirable to companies. To achieve all this, one will have to dedicate a portion of their time and money to lifelong learning. Every day new information that is relevant to your job pops up on the internet, news etc. therefore imagine how much of a contribution you will be able to make to your teams if you let yourself be exposed to atleast 40% of that new information.

As cheesy as it might sound, knowledge truly is power; power to stay relevant in the workplace and power to make a meaningful contribution to the world. Learn as much as you can for as long as you live.