Lets explore the Valentines Dress Code

15 Feb 2019
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We already know about Valentines day and we know what to gift on this day. And now, we will tell you about the Valentines Day dress code 2019. Here you will know what color of dress or clothes you should wear in order to get the Valentines Day theme. Also, make note of the message that each and every color you wear on this day as it indicates something. Let’s find out what it is.

Dress Color                                                         Meaning

Blue Color                                                            Lovers and suitors are invited

Green Color                                                         I am waiting

Red Color                                                            Already in Love

Black Color                                                          Proposal Rejected

White Color                                                         Sorry, I am already reserved

Orange Color                                                      Going to Propose

Pink Color                                                           Proposal accepted

Purple/Grey Color                                               Not interested, Better luck next time

Yellow Color                                                        Broke Up

Brown Color                                                        Broken Hearts