Kwa re go yang re ipela…

04 Mar 2019
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Our favourite cultural event and probably the most popular of them all is here and we want you there! Bana ba Mmala will be hosting us once again for the Son of the Soil cultural event today and you better be prepared.

  Thanks to us we’ve decided to give you a lil heads up on what to do to get there and enjoy the event. It’s an outdoor event fit for the whole family and it’s all traditional. From the games, to food and even the beverages. Sure you can have some other types of beverages but why would you when you’ve got real traditional brew.

To get ready for the event you also need not take a cooler box with you, we don’t want those because there is more than enough of cold beverages, hard and soft, at the subzero temperatures for your enjoyment. The key thing to note though after your ticket is that we only want traditional attire, just anything from Africa, le tshega tota! No jeans, AT ALL!