Increase your productivity

10 Jun 2021
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Entrepreneurship is very taxing professions. Taxing not only according to the country’s fiscal policies but it takes from every aspect of your life. It takes out financially, emotionally, relationally, psychologically, and more. Despite this, it also gives back in the same areas only in a different manner.

The Tony Elumelu Foundation, TEF, has shared some productivity boosting tips for entrepreneurs to use in their daily lives. These tips are meant to boost productivity so that there is a greater level of achievement on a daily. These tips include:

  • Plan your work around your internal clock. – This means aligning the tasks that require the most brain power with your energy levels peak throughout the day. So if you are a night owl put in more work then and if you’re a morning person then focus your most important tasks then.
  • Pan out tomorrow’s schedule tonight. – When we write down what we intend to do, we’re far more likely to actually do it. This also helps with remembering the tasks and prioritizing them in the day unlike stumbling upon them as the day progresses.
  • Develop rituals for different kinds of work. – This may mean doing a certain task in a particular workspace or at a particular time of the day. For example, client meetings could be held in the boardroom or in today’s age, using a unique background for the virtual meetings.
  • Avoid being 100% booked. – If your calendar looks fool, deliberately schedule time to do nothing. You can use this time as a buffer between meetings to tackle unexpected tasks that crop up during the day. This is also important to give yourself rest time during the day or week. Always being busy is a recipe for disaster.