Preparing your seedbeds

22 Apr 2020
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There is no how you can start a home garden without the use of seedbeds. A seedbed, for those that may not know, is a place of development, a bed of fine soil used for seedling germination. To get your home garden started you will need this.

You may be wondering though, what if you want to use seedlings, do you still need a seedbed and the answer is yes, you do. Seedlings are still fragile and need a good seedbed to properly grow. Their root system needs to grow deep and firm, and the good drainage of the seedbed will allow it to do that. For those using seeds to start their garden, most of which are available at local supermarkets, the seedbed is the way to go.

Your seedbed can serve as both the nursery and/or the long-term home for your vegetables. To get it started you need a set of tools that will help you get this done and for purposes of this article, we will assume you have a lot of ground in your yard for the seedbed. A spade, rake, digging fork and watering can are the tools you need to get. You may borrow these from your neighbor since the hardware store are closed at the moment and please sanitize these before use.

The first step is to clear the ground. If your preferred spot for the seedbed is covered with weeds you will have to clear the ground of those. Take your spade to remove them and rake away the weeds to clear the ground. Second, take you digging fork and break through the ground. This will loosen the soil and soften it for the coming seeds and seedlings you are going to plant. Make sure the soil is broken down into a small, soft particles and not oversized chunks that roots wouldn’t be able to penetrate through.

Once these steps are done, rake up your seedbed and shape it into what you want it to be. Add manure and some fertilizer, and keep watering it to ready for the seeds and seedlings. Now you will be ready to start planting.