How To Be Yourself At Work While Still Being Professional

04 Mar 2019
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Professionalism at work is being a reliable, respectful, and competent part of the workforce. To a large extent, your success or failure depends on your professional conduct in the office.

Yet reports suggest otherwise. A survey done by York College of Pennsylvania suggests that a staggering 49.1% employees succumb to excessive use of social media.Other two major reasons for the drop in workplace professionalism were the inappropriate use of Internet (46.6%) and excessive usage of cell phones (46.4%) for personal purposes. Looks like technology is robbing you of professionalism big time.

Ways to become professional at work:

A few common traits reveal your level of professionalism at work. Some of them are:


I ensure I’m good at what I do – no matter the hard work. To remain competent, I constantly gain skills and knowledge that help me excel in my job. And this makes me and my work stand out.

FYI I wasn’t boasting, it’s just a quality I acquired after a hard spell in the industry – I hope you’ll try it too.


I ensure I fulfil an assigned task effectively and within the required time.