Home gardening: pest vs food

15 Jun 2020
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Incase you didn’t know, you started a war when you setup your garden. Haha, yes, we didn’t tell you this at the beginning because we knew you would chicken out…

The kind of war you started though is very different from most you could be thinking of. Bottom line is you are fighting, question is with who? With pests? Life is matter of life and death and whether you see it that way or not, we live to eat, only we advise you do it in the healthiest way for your body and wallet. Another thing to note is that this war may be silent right now but best believe your enemies are rallying up their troops and on a date you won’t expect, they’ll fall so hard on you, you just might give up and head back to the old way of living.

Now thanks to Covid-19, you have adopted a new lifestyle, a new normal. You grow food for yourself and every good thing always has opposition. Because it’s your first garden and you’re working on virgin land, there’s very little pest activity but rest assured they’re building up, somewhere. They’ll catch wind of your beautiful greens so you need to make sure that you are all set when they mobilise against your garden.

You are likely to get some moths, worms, mites and even birds so what are you going to do. It’s easy, more so that you know about this ahead of the attack. Firstly, check in with your seeds supplier/retailer if they have any preventative products for these or any biological recommendations for these. For example, you could use some preventative pesticides for these. However, if you have children in the yard and don’t want to risk exposing them to the harmful chemicals a more organic or biological approach would be best.

The simplest way though would be to get some good cover for your garden, a net shade for example. This, properly done, even DIY, could keep away any pests that could destroy your garden. Get yourself a 40% net shade from your local hardware and lay it over some poles or pegs, depending on how high you want them to be. Tis will successfully keep away all if not most of these pests from your greens. It would help keep away some harmful sunrays too.