The Grindpreneur: Hustler With Economics

17 Oct 2017
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A few weeks ago a friend of mine from work called me “a hustler with economics”, and I have been thinking about it ever since.

Does it have to do with smart hustling? Where now one is required to be street smart and understand the market and how best to exploit opportunities in it. For some reason, people respect a man in a suit more than they do one in shorts and flops, to them, he looks trustworthy; so a street-smart entrepreneur would consider this and ensure his sales personnel is forever presentable. Being “street smart” is not just about your drive to knock on people’s doors and selling your creation in the sun day-in-day-out; its more about staying up to date with new developments and upcoming opportunities…but does being “a hustler with economics” have to do with looks and representation of a good quality product and/or knowing things? What really is a hustler with economics? And what is this economics anyway?

School has taught us laws and principles of economics; but school makes life seem so formal and so easy; that’s why I have always believed I will be a millionaire by the age 25, but didn’t have a plan of how to get there; school sold me dreams and I bought them, Cash on delivery.

I want this blog piece to briefly discuss economics from a hustler’s point of view:

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